The Grand Archway is topped by a Kalasam. On each side of the upper portion of the Archway are twelve illuminated religious symbols: these have been etched in colored glass and are the same symbols that appear over the altars in the shrine.
Above the illuminated symbols is a colored ceramic Yantra. The archway opens onto two walkways, one on each side of a pool. Along the length of the pool are small fountains. At each end of the pool is a raised pond, with water rising through the center of a large carved granite lotus flower. Removed some redundant words.
At the end of the pond, as one approaches the Shrine two black granite elephants greet the visitors in a regal manner. In front of the lower level of the LOTUS is a receiving pond for the three waterfalls that cascade down from the upper pond that surrounds the shrine.
On both the sides of the entrance stand two bronze lions. An entryway leads into the lobby of the lower level of the LOTUS.
The All Faiths Hall below and the Meditation Hall above form the interior structure of LOTUS.