The All Faiths Yantra, an integral part of the LOTUS complex, is a geometrical pattern that represents the entire universe and which is used for meditation. Sometimes external images are used in meditation, or worship, to symbolize, or express, certain aspects of the Divine. That is why there are so many holy pictures and images in temples and churches.

The Yantra represents the entire cosmos. God is originally unmanifest. The first expression of God begins as sound vibration. As the Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word…”

The dot in the center of the Yantra represents the first physical expression of that– the very core of the cosmos. And all the rays of manifestation shown in the rings — the petals and the colors — come out of it. The entire Yantra is then surrounded by an open border, to show that the Divine Expression is infinite and unlimited.

When mantras — sounds that represent various divine qualities — are meditated upon, certain images are brought out, almost like liquid crystallizing into a solid form. Those images are yantras. When one sits and prays or meditates in front of a yantra, one can feel those divine qualities: the love out of which God manifested the world, the peace of God that transcends all understanding.

And because God is not limited to any one tradition or creed, the symbols of all the religions are there. These symbols appear on the outermost petals of the Yantra and are the visible indication of the interfaith teaching of Swami Satchidananda. “Truth is one ; Paths Are Many” The symbols represent the twelve faiths on the altars in the upper sanctuary of the LOTUS. These altars circle and connect to the central altar honoring the One Light.” In this way, the Yantra is also a beautiful reminder that we can respect and learn from all the paths, and follow any one of them to reach the Divine.